Santini Plaza Video Update – February 2023

It is now February 2023. We try not to post daily updates on purpose. If you have followed my posts you know I have strange some strange analogies. If you’re a parent or grandparent you will understand my words very well. Posting monthly updates allows you to see the changes just like seeing your grandchild as a newborn vs 3 months later.. then 6 months later… then a year later and they are walking! Stick with me I do have a point…

The transition of Fort Myers Beach after Hurricane Ian will be much the same pace as a newborn babies growth. All parents can tell you all the crazy mess or horror stories that happened along the way during the growth.

Video update – February 2023

If you would like to see the drive by video update for Santini Plaza, you can find it here on Facebook: Video Update Santini Plaza February 2023
As you can see, the construction fencing has been installed. We have been told windows have been ordered. We will keep you updated as progress continues. It is a very cold winter for many of you who cannot get into their warm snowbird condos this year.
If there is anything we can do, please reach out. Until then, bundle up because it is going to be a very cold winter for you this year!
Sending warmth from all of us at Leanis!