Santini Plaza Video Update – May 2023

It is an exciting day for Santini Plaza because WINDOWS HAVE ARRIVED!

While of course this is very exciting news, we are not close to being open for business just yet.

You can see they are also working hard on the roof here at Santini Plaza.  There are close to 30 business locations all dependent on the landlord’s hard work in recovery.  I cannot 100% speak for the owner of Santini Plaza or any other business within Santini Plaza, however I can speak in general terms of what I know TODAY.  80% of the business locations you all know and love will be returning to Santini Plaza.  But TIME… we all need a great amount of time to be ready to support your needs and expectations of Santini Plaza and the island of Fort Myers Beach. 

Currently, if you are coming to visit or help/volunteer on Fort Myers Beach we recommend – bring your dirty clothes not your dress clothing! 

Video update – May 2023

If you would like to see the drive by video update for Santini Plaza, you can find it by clicking here:

Here come the Santini Plaza Windows

Until our next update, may you make your day fabulous with your own two hands!