Happy New Year from Leani’s ON Fort Myers Beach – The Hurricane Ian Edition

It has been three long months of digging and trash removal here on Fort Myers Beach. The number one questions that is asked is:

How much longer?

I am sorry to be the reporter of news no one wants to hear. The facts today are not just about Santini Plaza. The facts are about the entire island. I would like you to think about how many non-working elevators there are? Please also think about how many power supplies were completely under water? These two facts alone will take time to produce the many parts before contractors can complete the work.
There are SO many other problems to tackle on the island: structural issues, water/sewer/power issues to address before rebuilding can begin. Each project will be a bit different. Unfortunately, there are thousands of projects in the works currently. Each one a bit different than another. We cannot give you a “time” estimation. We at Leani’s will do our best to communicate facts.

A video has been posted on our Facebook

To find the video from today, January 5, 2023 click here: January 2023 Santini Plaza Video

We will continue to do our best to communicate and work hard at the goals of clean up and recovery.
As always, if there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.
Email is the best form of contact. We are dirty currently…. VERY dirty…
Have a wonderful day, we are trying to make the best of it here!