Best of Fort Myers Beach 2022

Anyone who has visited Leanis knows we are a fun and silly group! We pride ourselves on fun, customer service and supporting the island tourism community. Just days after the hurricane we received the notice that Leanis was selected as the winner for the 2022 best of Fort Myers Beach Awards in the category of swimwear stores.

While we are of course thrilled, our staff going through the most difficult time of our lives had comments to share while they were doing lots of manual labor for an undetermined amount of time.

“I sure hope they don’t want photos of the store currently?”

“Crap, I lost all my good clothing in the hurricane! Can I wear a dirty black trash bag at new Leanis fashions?”

“Oh no… if they want a group photo… we will need to wear our bathing suits and scuba gear to the store.”

“We will be back to earn that well deserved title. We just need a “BIT” of time.”

Stay tuned friends, we are down, but we are far from giving up! #FMBstong is hard at woRK!