Hurricane Ian – What we know as of NOW.

This information is coming directly from Carrie Smith personally. No information here should be viewed at the decisions of Lee County or Fort Myers Beach. This is information shared to help anyone decide what is best for them during this natural disaster.

The water has now receded and I was able to travel to Leanis located in Santini Plaza today. I bought my bike, which I pushed so I could carry enough water and supplies to make it to as many homes as I could so the staff at Leanis knew what type of insurance claim to even make. You can not even make an insurance claim if you do not even know your losses. Now that I know my team is safe, I owe my wonderful team at least that if I could make it on my own.

It took me 4 hours to get the store and 4 hours to get back. In normal conditions on a bike, that trip could be made in 30-45 minutes. Today was nothing less than devastating.

Should you plan to come to Fort Myers Beach today on Monday?

The news media is saying the island will be open on Monday. Today is September 30th… my opinion is a overwhelming NO. Absolutely no, this island will not be open to the public and possibly not even residents by Monday. It is TERRIBLE here. I climbed over trees and cars and could not find some streets where employees homes were located. GPS does not work, the signal is terrible. I know this island like the back of my hand and I couldn’t figure out exactly where I was because the “normal” geographic landmarks are just missing. I have no words to explain it. I can’t explain it currently. It is more like a war zone.

What is next?

At this time it is emergency responders only, people who rode out the storm and lived thru this and of course looters that are on the island. The leanis FB instant messenger works and will reach the wonderful Leanis Lady – Kimberly Crawford. We couldn’t be more blessed to have her as our communication life line during this difficult time.

Sending the white flag from not such a beautiful day on Fort Myers Beach.

With love and gratefulness for your thoughts and prayers, Carrie Smith