You finally made it to Fort Myers Beach

Wow! Yes! Whew! You have arrived.

The first thing you realize is that it’s just beautiful here. The sun is shining brightly, the Gulf water is shimmering blue green, and the white sand is powdery and feels incredible on your feet! You hear the tide softly rolling in and it lulls you into a relaxed stupor. 

Yes, you are here, in your spot, feeling every bit as magical as your mind imagined.

But wait…OH NO…you JUST REALIZED…the horror…you forgot to pack your bathing suit! NOOO! And your towel and the special sunscreen you bought for your visit to FMB, along with the big floppy sun hat and your brand new matching flip flops. 

Aaargh! What happened? Those items were all ready to go…but they were sitting out on the guest bed!! And you forgot them…ALL!

Okay, deep breath, who could blame you? When you left home it was 10 degrees below zero. You are glad to have grabbed ANYTHING before the airport closed due to the snowstorm that promised you might not make it out for DAYS!

But, you are here…where it’s warm, the sky is blue, and the light trade winds are rustling your hair….sadly, without your essential “warm weather” uniform! Oh no!! Now what? You NEED those things to enjoy your time here in the beach! What are you going to do?

Wait!! You remember you read about a super cute upscale boutique right here on the beach!!! It got great reviews online. You also heard about it from several friends you know who have traveled to the beach. It becomes clear to you…clear as the day outside! Your friends all returned home with THE CUTEST clothes you’ve ever seen. They were stylish, fit them like a dream, and they received so many compliments about how great they looked, including from you!

So…off you rush to Leani’s in Santini Marina Plaza at the south end of Estero Island. The directions are easy and the parking is incredible. You walk into the store and immediately feel like you belong. You feel happy and peaceful, and are greeted warmly by the gals inside.

You sheepishly tell them of your predicament, expecting to feel embarrassed by your forgetfulness…like you are the only person in the whole world who could forget to pack their most essential beachwear!

But they immediately make you feel at ease. You are assured that EVERYTHING you need is contained within the magical confines of this fantastic boutique. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way out the door to enjoy the next few weeks of your beach stay. You have been fitted in the best TWO (yes, you bought TWO) cutest new fashionable bathing suits that you’ve ever had…in fact, they fit you like no bathing suit has ever fit you before! You feel incredible in them! Better than you’ve ever felt with so little on in years and years. You also have an adorable lightweight matching cover up, a huge sun hat to protect you, super cute new sunglasses, non-greasy sunscreen, and a colorful new plush towel.

But, as they say in game shows…”that’s not all”!! With the fantastic help of your Leani’s “personal fashion consultant” you ALSO found four perfect summer sun dresses, two new pairs of shorts, an adorable skort, and three new pairs of shoes (comfortable flip flops, and two pairs of wedges that will go with everything you have AND you can wear them to work!) SCORE! 

You are feeling GREAT! You are now totally ready for the beach. EXCEPT…you gaze to the rear of the store and see a large men’s section! You stroll back there and collect a swim suit for your husband (even though he remembered to pack his), two lightweight stylish short sleeve summer shirts, a fishing shirt, two pairs of shorts, slip on slides for the pool, a sun protection hat with a back flap, and a towel for him as well. You will not be the ONLY fashionable one in your family!!

Off you go now, out into the sun, with great relief, a smile on your face, new friends you made at the store, and fully equipped to enjoy your stay here on Fort Myers Beach in style!