Santini Plaza Video Update – June 2023

Many of you know and follow Beach Talk Radio’s podcast. Ed and Kim Ryan do a great job at their island communication. While some people love them or hate them, you will not get any better weekly regular Fort Myers Beach boots on the ground information. I know there are people reading my post who do not like the politics involved and the controversy that can be stirred up. This post is not here to debate, discuss or acknowledge that. At Leanis we are grateful to any and all support to anyone who wants to help communicate the needs of Fort Myers Beach. So please no opinions here on your political standings. This is simply a THANK YOU to everyone and Beach Talk Radio for their island support!

Beach Talk Radio visits Santini Plaza

If you would like to see the Beach Talk Radio interview you can find it shared on your facebook page here: Santini Manager Interview

As always, we are pushing forward to return the island and all its services to you!

Make it a great day from all of us at team Leanis!