Black and White is Always in style

Have you ever noticed when you look back at old photos, no matter if the year is 1980, 2008 or 2023 – a color photo vs a black and white photo is just more “timeless.” Today our Leani’s model is looking absolutely timeless in her sleeveless top and pull on skort!

All over the world, the belief is that it is better to wear light-colored clothing in the summer months, but like everything these days – there is cause for debate and advantages to wearing darker clothes.

It has been said that dark clothes are not recommended during the summer, since they absorb more heat. White clothes, in fact, are usually a staple when talking about a summer wardrobe. However, there is a contrary thought…

Get out your “google research” which is now always at all our finger tips and look up the theory of convection. Yes, like an oven! What we found is the common belief that summer clothing should be in light colors to feel cooler might have the opposite effect. Convection is the passage of heat from one element to another, such as the transfer from one body to another, due to the temperature difference that exists between these two elements.

Should you be prepared to try it yourself and wear dark clothes in summer?

Wearing darker colors goes against the general belief which argues that white reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing it. Although this is true, another aspect that should be considered is that the human body is another factor in the emission of heat, since we generate thermal energy.

This is not new information. In 1980, Nature magazine published a study that demonstrates this explanation. In short, the nomadic tribes who inhabit the desert often wear long and wide tunics in dark colors. According to the study, if heat adheres to a black garment, it is lost before it can even penetrate to the skin. This explanation would point to loose-fitting, black clothing as a good option for summer.

Here at Leani’s you’re still going to find us wearing ALL TYPE OF COLORS. Why…. because it is Florida and that is how we roll!